Our building is available for rent to non-profit groups, families, individuals, etc.

Spaces available include
  • the sanctuary,
  • the lounge and small kitchen (on main floor),
  • the large hall in the basement,
  • the kitchen in the basement (not a commercial kitchen),
  • the meeting room in the basement, and
  • any combination of the above (pending availability).


The sanctuary's attributes include
  • comfortable seating for 150
  • good natural acoustics, supplemented by high-quality sound system
  • data projection system (for additional fee plus operator)
  • wheelchair accessible
  • choir loft
  • piano
  • stained glass windows
  • fee for first 4 hrs: $100 (+insurance)
See calendar below for availability.

Lounge and small kitchen

The lounge is an adaptable space with collapsable tables and moveable chairs. There is also a piano.

The small kitchen is suited for making coffee and tea and has a small microwave. It is not a intended for food preparation.
Fee for first 4 hrs: $75 (+insurance)

See calendar below for availability.

Gym in basement

The gym has collapsable tables and moveable chairs (stored off of the meeting room). It can accommodate 150 seated at tables (as for a meal).

The acoustics are not great, so a PA system is suggested (we do not have one available for rent).
Fee for first 4 hrs: $100 (+insurance)

Kitchen in basement

The kitchen is not a certified commercial kitchen, but has 2 double sinks, 2 oven/stoves, a microwave, dishes, most cooking utensils.
Fee for first 4 hrs: $50 (+$100 damage/cleanliness deposit + insurance)

Meeting room in basement

Fee for first 4 hrs: $50 (+insurance)

See below or phone for availability: 250-365-8337.