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The Projection Enhancement Committee has met since early 2015 to consider ways to
• open up new possibilities for services, including adding visuals
• make our services more welcoming for new people
• make the services hands free and easier for people with young children

The following is the Committee's recommendation based on input from various vendors.

On 31 January 2016, the congregation will vote on whether to approve the expenditure as follows.

General Layout

Based on consultation with various professionals, the Committee has proposed mounting two projectors from the ceiling to project on the two walls adjacent to the wall with the stained glass windows. The proposed projectors would be approximately four times brighter than the projector we currently have. The screens would be 9 feet wide by 5 feet high and mounted with a motorized retractor. A volunteer would operate the laptop from a designated spot in a pew.
Sanctuary with image projected on screens
Twin screens would ensure all have a clear view.

Sanctuary with text projected on screens
Having hymns projected means not having to hold a hymn book.

Changes to Worship

The proposal is to use the projectors only for hymns at the outset. Once any wrinkles have been 'ironed out' we would consider using them for the other elements of worship.


 Item Estimated Cost
Projectors and screens (incl. installation) $6,269
Laptop (with SSD)  $1,385
Software (MS Office) $151
Remote control $78
 Total Equipment (incl. taxes) $8,613
Licensing for hymns $305 (annually)