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Rhythms of the Spirit

Rhythms of the Spirit continues on Wednesday evenings at 7pm at the church until the end of July.

To lose oneself in the experience of Oneness, one's consciousness (brain processes) can't be taken up with reading, finding one's place, anxiety over whether one is "doing it right" or even "adequately," or even how one is perceived by others.

Drumming and singing in Accra, Ghana
Drumming and Singing in Accra, Ghana. 
Photo courtesy Emilio Labrador via Flickr
To facilitate the evolution of Castlegar United in its journey to wholeness, time spent developing new pathways in the brain--new ways of learning, especially auditorily--will be time well spent. 

Developing confidence in rhythm together through learning by ear, by feel, by rote, will vastly enrich our experience as a congregation embracing new forms of worship as we explore our concept and experience of God. 

As a first step in this journey, this summer we will have a Wednesday evening music period, facilitated and developed by Shemmaho. Together we will drum, rattle, sing rounds and explore rhythms and harmonies. We will delve into song together using older methods that were popular until the Middle Ages--using our senses.